The Mission

The famous words of the Mission Impossible movies “Your mission if you choose to accept it……” – the mission for the compiler of this book is to give hope to families who are right now in Neonate Intensive Care Units around the world.  It’s also to inspire those who have experienced child abuse when younger to heal.  To give hope to those families who have just found out that their son/daughter has a disability.  And so many other “why’s” from the different authors who are in this book from around the world.  Aime Hutton asked each author in this book what’s your “why” for sharing your story in the book.

This mission is as clear as day for Aime Hutton, and the other authors who came together for the book.  To help others inch by inch grow in their own life.  Each one of the authors in this book has overcome something, or their child has overcome something. Sometimes those ‘things’ manifest themselves as huge challenges that even the smallest child must overcome if they wish to survive.

The compiler of the book Aime Hutton has a huge heart.  When she was in the planning stages of creating this book anthology for you, she reached out to the hospital that saved her life.  This created a partnership with Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) in Ottawa, Canada.   If it wasn’t for this hospital, she wouldn’t be here today.  Aime and her entire family are very grateful to CHEO.  One third of the proceeds of the book “Inch by Inch ~ Growing in Life” sold on Amazon will be going to the Foundation at CHEO.  Specifically the Neonate Intensive Care Unit (NICU).