Vivian Sollows

Vivian SollowsVivian Sollows is mother of 3 children, her youngest with special needs.  Her journey of vision loss has taught her how to find creative adaptive solutions to getting what she wants done.  She finds it easier to advocate for her children’s and other’s needs than her own.  Hoping to make a better future for herself she has taken many business courses trying to create a sustainable small business with her great tasting healthy mix called Oh! Mega Meal Boost.  It is a mixture of ground seeds, nuts, oats and herbs which you can add to your favorite recipe without nutritional breakdown when heated.  The added nutritional values are higher protein, fibre, essential fatty acids and calorie in a small volume.  It is easy to chew ideal for seniors to substitute their tea and toast dinner for yogurt or oatmeal with addition of Oh! Mega Meal Boost.  Reaching out to women’s groups she found supportive advise which led her to a start-up incubator.  She is in the process of creating a not for profit company to make a completely accessible music program with no limiting criteria to fulfil only the desire to experience the healing power of music making.

Go to Viviarling Music Project Oh! Mega Meal Boost or contact directly 613-247-1917

P.S. To be truly accessible the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity need to be fully adopted.  My true desire is to help other women with disabilities gain their confidence and become more self-sufficient.  74% of women with disabilities in CANADA  earns only $8000 per year where the men with disabilities earn $18000.  Why?  Is it lack of skills or child care issues? Partly but I believe the barrier is lack of self confidence and self assertiveness.  These strengths can be learned as women have more opportunity for new experiences to develop their own business.