Tara Tierney

Tara TierneyTara Tierney is an international best-selling author (The Missing Piece, The Missing Piece in Business), blogger and poet who is currently writing a series of children’s books and working on her autobiography.

Through a long journey of self-discovery Tara uncovered a buried passion – writing!  Since grade school, Tara knew she wanted to write books for a living and, as it happens, life intervened.  Now, after having grown up, being married and rearing a child, she is finally working on her passion – and in a big way!

Continuing on her journey, Tara is adding to her world travels, dreaming of living on Kauai, Hawaii.  She is committed to learning and growing to become her authentic self every day.

Tara aspires to bring joy and happiness to those she knows and those she meets through humour and empathy, revealing the silver lining through the dark clouds.  She believes in ‘Doing no harm’ and that “If you’re not laughing – You’re not Laughing!”

I’m the Superhero of my own Adventure!

Remember to be good.  But if you can’t be good – be GREAT!

Read her blog:  www.taracle.com
Email:  taracle1@gmail.com