Tanya Horne

Tanya HorneTanya Horne, better known in her circles as T, is a brilliant mother of 3 and a nurturing “mother” of countless more. Named the nurturer of soulful connections, she is consistently meeting new people and bringing them into the fold. Her belief is that everyone has a unique contribution to share, that everyone deserves to belong. T’s energy is larger than life and she celebrates and boasts a life of being in service. Her volunteer hours have been calculated in excess of 8000 hours in the past 10 years. Her belief is that helping others is the best way to create community. T has been a major player in building and sustaining marvelous communities of like-minded people in search of lifelong learning. Her mission is to include everyone and hope that everyone feels seen and heard in her presence. She is dedicated to continually growing and stretching her comfort zone, with the intention of inspiring other’s to do the same. She is dedicated to using her voice, lending her experiences in healing the damage(s) caused by sexual abuse. T continually speaks from her heart and shoots from the hip. Her time is best spent when being with Family and contributing to building and sustaining community. She is a coach, a mentor, a writer, a friend, a mother, a leader, a speaker and a program facilitator.