Susan Rear

Susan RearI was raised with my sister and two brothers in a home that was full of love, laughter and music.  We, like all families, had our moments but we were and still are a family.

Most evenings after supper my Dad would bring out his guitar and the sing-songs would begin; often lasting into the wee, small hours.  My Mother’s baking skills were well known so while we sang she fed the many friends and neighbors who gathered at these; what are now known as “jam sessions”.  No one ever left our house unhappy or hungry!

We lived through some tough times, both financially and emotionally but we sang when we were happy, sad and we sang our troubles away.  We developed a strong sense of family and how important we were to each other.  Each of us carried that strength with us as we began our own families and we have passed it on to our children.

Life has a way of presenting challenges to each and every one of us, how we deal with these challenges, how we continue on says a lot about the people we are inside.  My greatest joy in this life is the remarkable family I came from and the remarkable family I’ve helped to create.  These families are what makes me happy, the wonderful love we share, the way we help each other in times of need, and the way we dry each other’s tears in times of joy or sorrow have enabled me to become who I am today.