Richelle Traversano


Richelle Traversano is an author and motor cycle enthusiast. She is currently working on a second book and is an avid reader and eater.  She is fulfilling her childhood dream of seeing her words in print.  On Richelle’s 9th birthday, she was gifted the first of many typewriters she would use to bring life to her imagination.

She has a passion for long open roads, books that make her fall in love and coffee.  Learning how to ride a motor cycle was a game changer and Richelle recommends that you learn how to ride as well, do it now. Go.

After the loss of her Mother, she is acutely aware of how precious time and moments are. Richelle was with her Grandma every step of the way during her Grandma’s recent cancer battle.  Together they fought… and won!

Richelle is always open to adventure and loves her friends and family.  After an astounding weight loss of over one hundred pounds, she is committed to a healthy active lifestyle and is always finding ways to self-improve. She did not give up chocolate or having fun in the making of her better self.


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