Mary E. Stevenson


Mary E. Stevenson has been passionate about life since she was a little girl! She was always very much in tune with the people and the animals around her as she was growing up. It wasn’t until she became quite physically ill in her late 20‘s that she started to understand her sensitivities in a different way and started a most amazing journey!

In an effort to heal herself, she started searching for other methods of healing besides the traditional medical way. Mary found clinical hypnotherapy and decided to give it a try. Learning such a great deal from just one session, she continued to go for more. Feeling better than she had in many years, she also was understanding and developing her abilities to ‘tune in’ not only to herself but to others! Mary decided she must become a Certified Hypnotherapist and assist others in the same powerful way she was helped! Becoming certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 1995, Mary understood that we are all energy–our thoughts, our feelings, our bodies; so she decided to also become a Reiki Master/Teacher to use these energies in the best way possible for herself and her clients. She was certified as a Master/Teacher in 1996.

Over the years, Mary has used these healing modalities to assist people to become more empowered in their lives and heal themselves on all levels–physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Hypnotherapy and Reiki can be used to assist in healing so many issues: weight loss, ending addictions, changing unhealthy patterns, achieving goals, hypnosis for birth, chronic pain, relationship issues, finding peace and happiness, tuning into your unique talents, truly seeing who you are, and living to your full potential! Even people who are just coming out of curiosity, leave the office feeling great and having insights they never imagined!

Animals are very open to the ‘universal healing energy’ of Reiki, and Mary has used it on her own animals as well as clients over the years. Mary became certified as a Therapeutic Sports Massage Therapist for Horses and Dogs in 2010. She felt this work would be a good complement to the Reiki she was already doing. With the healing energy and the connection that Mary has with animals, she is able to communicate with them clearly and easily.   They will show her pictures and allow her to feel what they feel.  This is very beneficial to the animal and its owner.  The animals can explain why they act in the way they do or show past traumas that then can be healed.  Answers can be found to questions that owners have about a variety of things.  Animals know your intentions when you are doing these therapies so they allow the healing energy to do its work immediately. Working with horses, dogs and cats is very rewarding as you can see the results so quickly and it is wonderful to give back to them as they give us their unconditional love.

Mary loves all the work she does! Mary has been a dancer/singer/performer her whole life. Performing in a dance company out of Boston, ‘Body Language Dancers’, she danced and travelled around the States. After moving to Edmonton, Mary has been involved in performing, teaching and choreographing for different shows and events in the area. Recently she decided to extend her training to become a Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist. She teaches Zumba and other fitness classes and has another modality to use to assist people in feeling great!

All of this work has been brought together in ‘Whole Harmonized Healing’ which Mary started in 2010, doing her healing/fitness work full-time (part-time since 1995) assisting people and animals in living their lives to the fullest on all levels!

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