Marc J. Wagner

Marc J. WagnerNLP Master Practitioner

In 2005 Marc was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, which propelled him into his journey of holistic health and alternative and complementary healing work. Having experienced the success of alternative therapies and the holistic approach, he has since dedicated himself to learning as much as possible in this field, and helping others experience the same successful healing process.

Marc achieved a cure for his condition by combining holistic alternative approaches and complementary methods like energy medicine. In 2009, he was cleared by his medical doctors of any signs of Crohn’s Diseases and has been diseases and drug free ever since.

In addition to the Alternative and Complementary therapies he was also deeply inspired by Louise Hay’s work and other authors who write about the Mind-Body connection.

By learning and putting into practice these philosophies which are mainly based on positive thinking, affirmations and how your thoughts influence your whole life, he was able to witness first hand how powerful these techniques are.

Marc became a certified Master Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor after completing a 6 months intensive program. His successes with his clients are provable through many references.

Marc also received his licensing from Hay House/Heart Inspired in June of 2012 after extensively studying these principles and taking the Hay House Workshop Leader class and test, and is now a licensed and certified Hay House/Heart Inspired, “Heal Your Life ®” Workshop Leader.

His vision is to reach as many people as possible with his work and especially with these very powerful and really life transforming techniques to heal people all over the world, one heart at a time.

Marc is also a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Master Practitioner which includes diplomas as a “Trauma-Release-Specialist”, “Clinical Hypnosis”, “Time Line Emotion Release” and others from Bennett-Stellar University.

Marc has had amazing success (references available upon request or see our testimonials) helping people overcome food allergies, animal allergies, pollen allergies, childhood- and life-traumas, unwanted behavioral patterns and more.

Marc’s believe is that every physical ailment has an underlying root cause in your subconscious mind and without finding and eliminating that root cause you will never be able heal or truly overcome an

Marc’s main focus is to help as many people heal as  possible on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.