Mady Horne

Madysen HorneMadysen is a seventeen year old grade 11, nearly 12, student. She is an avid reader and has a voracious appetite for books. Madysen is an aspiring photographer and she loves to write. She hopes to share her story to give strength to and help others. She desires to bring about change in the world through sharing her story and inspiring other’s to do the same.  Drama is one of her favorite classes and she loves to be boldly animated in front of her friends, sometimes looking a fool. Her favorite thing to do is take self portraits of her famous “chin selfie” on her friends phones for them to later find. She is strong in her opinion and has no problem standing her ground and debating her stand point. She is passionate about grammar and you can often find her correcting people who do not use appropriate grammar in their writing or even when they are speaking. Her aspirations are to work in a library, travel the world and hopefully write and take photographs on her travels. She dreams of being able to travel and take pictures for National Geographic. Her love for rainbows is evident in her space(s). She is very thankful for this opportunity to share her story.