Loree Cowling

Loree CowlingWhen my daughter was a little girl, in order to help her understand what was happening in situations around her that seemed confusing, I would create stories using real pictures but with the view of it being magical. As I developed the idea of these stories I also realized that within every situation anyone can choose the perspective with which they see the world.

As I choose to look at my experiences with love and release hurt and discomfort; I feel my heart open further to the love that is available to everyone. Life can be filled with a seriousness that somehow sneaks up on us and creates a forgetting that we are joyful beings here to play and have fun with our lives.

I share my understanding of peoples experiences through stories, healing sessions, and everyday conversations.   As I do,  I can see that other people are able to feel the truth behind the vibration of the words that tell the stories of all of us.  I am grateful in each moment for the life that continues to unfold for me. Grateful to know the challenges of life through the eyes of love.  The fear, hurt, and uncertainty of how I existed in my life is replaced with happiness, joy, and an understanding of the infinite possibilities of beauty that surround me.

I once believed that I was meant to be a healer and that would look a certain way. Now I understand that by embracing the stories of my own life, I can shine the light of love so brightly that other people can embrace the stories of their lives.  There is no specific way this happens.  I have become a Sacred Story Teller.  Reflecting the treasures of ones heart back to them through our interactions together.

“A Storyteller unfolds the magic and wonder of life through the words of one’s spirit.  Stories and fables have captured the imagination of children, teenagers, and adults since the beginning of time.   Within the space of a heartbeat one can believe again in tales of adventure, love, and mystical lands.  It is the miracles in life that weave a beautiful connection with one’s heart and the words spoken or written by a storyteller.  Remembering these miracles are always available allow one to believe again in one’s own ability to live a life of magic”