Kheri Taylor-Milos, RSW

Kheri TaylorKheri Taylor-Milos is a single mother of two extraordinary special needs children. She is a Registered Social Worker, a passionate advocate for the disadvantaged, and a determined educator specializing in child abuse and mental health issues.

Kheri co-founded an organization, D&M Research Associates, in 2000 in order to provide professional development workshops regarding child abuse to agencies working with children. This branched into workshops presented at the Canadian Mental Health association and local churches. Kheri, herself, has moved from surviving to thriving and will continue to encourage and empower others to do the same.

Kheri has been described by friends as caring, generous, funny, and loyal. People around her have noted that she is loving, patient, and committed to her family. She is a Family Specialist with a local non-profit agency. Co-workers and clients have told her that she is genuine and easy to share their stories with.

Kheri lives with Bi-Polar Disorder and is discovering what her limitations are. She is working on learning to accept those limitations instead of just calling herself “crazy.” Kheri has had a number of poems published in a variety of mediums. Her dream is to live on an acreage with horses in order to practice Equine Assisted Therapy and become a foster parent. Her deep faith in God has brought her through the challenges life brings, guides her decisions, and provides hope that her dreams will come true.