Jodi Tucker

Jodi TuckerFounder and CEO of Kids Matter Inc.  “I believe dis ability is a floor not a ceiling. It is not a predictor of what is possible in a child’s life.”- Jodi Tucker.  Jodi is the heart and the vision of Kids Matter Inc. in Abbotsford BC, Canada.  It is her role to develop and nurture the team of professionals who engage clients, educate about disability and impact the community both on a local and international level.  She has 16 years’ experience working with children and adults across Canada and the United States.  Jodi’s work has a wide range of engagements.  She has been involved in clinical roles and educational roles but has more recently begun to follow her passion for developing training and speaking out about issues facing individuals with disabilities.  Here focus is to help not only improve outcomes so people can live more fulfilling lives but  to also shift the paradigm of society to think differently about inclusion, human rights and issues of accountability.  This included developmental disorders such as ASD, anxiety disorders, OCD, ADD, ADHD, FASD.  In 2012 Jodi wrote and published her first book, “Abigail”.  This adorable children’s book was based on her experiences with children who encountered a world where they were often told they needed to be something else other than who they were.  “Abigail” is a short story of discovery about accepting yourself and loving who you are.  Jodi’s second book, “The Rock Who Learned How To Fly” was released in June, 2014.  This beautifully illustrated book takes on the personal experience of each individual reader.  It is a story of transformation and resilience.  Celebrated Canadian artist, Lori Popadiuk brings the process to life.  Both of Jodi’s books and other works are available for purchase on her website.  Jodi is also an accomplished speaker.  Jodi has been a regular speaker at the BC Homeschool Convention, the BC ECE Educators Convention and various school and community organizations.  Jodi is a certified John Maxwell Consultant and provides leadership training and organizational supports to her community partners such as the Rotary Club, Abbotsford Early Childhood Committee and the Special Needs Advisory Committee in her local community.  Jodi has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a diploma as a Speech–Language Assistant. Currently Jodi is working to complete her Masters degree in Leadership at Trinity Western University specializing in Social Justice.  Jodi is an accomplished advocate mentoring under an Associate Profession of Sociology at the University of Alberta.  Jodi’s advocacy has contributed to significant changes within the provinces of BC, Alberta, Washington and California in access to services and basic human rights for individuals with disabilities.  Jodi currently lives in Abbotsford.  She has three children ages 10,17 and 20.

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