Hilary Davis

Hilary DavisI arrived in Canada many years ago having been raised in Dublin, Ireland. I have four grown children and four grandchildren. I was a single mum who returned to school and fell in love with learning. I have numerous business courses, certificates, and a degree in Education. I have written text books, curriculum and computer programs for teachers. I am now a retired High School teacher who fills her days with painting, reading, writing and I volunteer to teach English to Mexican children in the village of my winter home. I love to travel and I’m always ready for new adventures.

I am grateful for being asked to write a chapter in the book Inch by Inch. I chose to write about my son, Sonny. He was diagnosed with a form of MD, Muscular Dystrophy. Sonny, right from his early years, has always been a source of inspiration for me and by sharing his story and his “never give up attitude” I’m hoping others will be inspired and motivated to realize their full potential.

Sonny blew me away one day, he couldn’t have been more than 12 yrs old at the time, when he said to me, “You know Mum, I don’t know why I have this disease but I know I can do more with it than without it.” Sonny has definitely lived up to that remark.

For overcoming adversity he received one of the highest awards in Canada that a scout can receive and the Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn presented it to him.

He was the Alberta Junior Champion for 800m, 400m and 200m in wheelchair racing.

He joined and competed with a Marching Brass Ensemble playing percussion instruments in their pit section.

He planned his coast to coast “Marathon of Freedom” journey to create awareness of Muscular Dystrophy and of people with disabilities. He wheeled from mile zero in Victoria, BC to Thunder Bay, ON. The reason he had to stop was because his father was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Later he joined Rick Hanson’s 25th Anniversary tour as the endurance athlete and medal carrier. He pushed from St. John’s NFL to Fredericton.

Now Sonny is working on cutting an album featuring all his own original songs.

He has also started to film a documentary biography with a heavy emphasis on the healing power of music.

I’m so proud of him.


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