Hannelore, M.S.C., M.S.H.


Inspirational Story Teller, Author, Teacher, Counselor, International and Motivational Speaker.

Hannelore offers both public and corporate workshops, ‘playshops’ and Retreats worldwide.

Frequently in the media and as an entrepreneur, Hannelore experienced international success as the CEO of her film industries Marketing Company and in her career as a professional model and actress.

In addition to her degree in marketing, she is a graduate of ‘The New Seminary’ in New York, focusing on dimensions of psychology, comparative religions, healing and counseling.  Further studies include ‘The Medicine and Mystery Schools’, Shamanism, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Psychosomatic therapy, Reiki and Qi Gong.  She is a vessel for many disciplines and a varied always-expanding knowledge base.

Hannelore’s upcoming book ‘Ignite Your 6th Sense ~ The Power of Your Intuition’ is the culmination of her life experiences and years of teaching.  Her in-depth training programs have been the catalyst for many who as a result live empowered and enhanced lives. Serious seekers move on to her advanced programs.

In addition to her CDs and many seminars, Hannelore regularly facilitates her highly popular ‘Vision Crafting Wilderness Retreats’ and the profoundly magical retreats  ‘Communing with Dolphins’ in which individuals engage in playful union with non-captive Dolphins in Hawaii. These retreats offer profound connections of healing, joy, transformation, awe and BLISS.  Through her deep love and respect for animals and our beloved planet, she demonstrates techniques to awaken your understanding and respect for the innate intelligence of Nature.  These retreats inspired her book ‘Dolphins, Whales and Magical Tails.’

Hannelore offers private and group sessions as a Counselor, and as an Ordained Interfaith Minister, she performs Wedding Ceremonies, Memorials and Baptisms.

Often referred to as a ‘Wisdom Keeper’, Hannelore is dedicated and passionate about helping others succeed and tap into the realm of empowered thinking.  She masterfully assists you to realize the brilliance of your full potential and power. Sharing through her life experiences, synchronicities, insights and brilliant techniques, she skillfully assists you to embrace your role as a leader.  As you realize your full potential and power you move forward exceeding possibilities and live blissfully in the present. Hannelore’s wisdom, enthusiasm and joyful presence will show you how intuition is your greatest power.   She walks the talk.

For upcoming workshops, events and Retreats, Hannelore invites you to visit her websites:


Email:  Hannelore@Hannelore.ca

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Upon hearing my story – ‘Snakes shoved down my blouse and swastikas carved on my desk– one of my students, Peggy Smith, wrote the following poem:

Pale wide eyes, curious, innocent beneath the golden lash
Dandelion mane fluming, dancing in the winds that pass
Where do you come from little girl, where are you going?
Children taunt, voicing elder prejudice without knowing.
Sins cited devastatingly upon shoulders young
Vile, hatred songs plunge easily from children’s tongue.
Where do you come from little girl, where are you going?
The twinkled fresh land, palling, no longer glowing.
Diamonds glittering, at first falling, then buried deep
Taken inside, treasured and stored in a jumbled, metamorphic heap
Where do you come from little girl, where are you going?
Constant, constant, constant, like cattle lowing.
Memories of another land, moments and young life caught
The ravages of war documented, witnessed by man, in iron wrought
Where do you come from little girl, where are you going?
Go back to your stilled, muck-caked land, odium blowing.
But, silent, vigilant brush strokes deftly canvass her sacred path
Morning’s mist carving knowledge from the embers of human wrath
Where do you come from little girl, where are you going?
Loam ploughed, she is tended beneath the divine soul’s hoeing.
The now grown child, turned woman, turned crone
Sorts through the troublesome contaminants, deeply buried in bone
Where do you come from little girl, where are you going?
As the drum beats — seeking, singing, praying and growing.
Diving into her soul-place, she remembers the divine state of one
Wounds left on the earthly plane, tears for the time being, done
She knows where she came from and where she is going
Conversing with nature, Great Soul alights sacred and glowing.