Freyja P. Jensen

Freyja P. JensenAs the Executive Ninja, Freyja is a Consultant and Relationship Manager in the Recruitment Industry. She is an entrepreneur always looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of others. As an energizer bunny, Freyja loves to be involved on committee’s and in causes she is fierce about. She is an advocate for those who are afraid to use their voices and being a force to assist them in finding them. This has included her involvement with a United Way campaign in Calgary where she was honored with special recognition for her contributions by Colleen Klein as well as having received a H.E.R.O award for going above and beyond the call of duty. Freyja enjoys sharing her interest in Image & Wardrobe Consulting which allows her to teach others how to shop on a dime & gives makeovers. Freyja has a flair for Match-making, Creative Design, Event Promotion, Marketing, Public Speaking & would like to start giving Motivational Seminars. Freyja also loves Photography, (both in front of and behind a camera), Fashion & runway modelling as a mature woman & is a fiend for Shoes! To keep her adrenalin pumping, dancing in a 24 hour marathon & sky-diving have been among her favorites! Up next, white water rafting. She is loved for her humor, hospitality, cooking & is fearless when it comes to picking up the microphone to belt out a song! To add to her repertoire of accomplishments, she is now working at becoming a published Author with the contribution to this book “Inch By Inch” by the amazing and accomplished Aime Hutton.