Dianna Watson

Dianna WatsonDianna has been an avid writer most of her life.  She has authored many travel, alternative and spiritual magazine and newspaper articles.  Another service she offers is to write poetry to gift someone who appreciates artistic expression, or non material gifting.  When given the personal details, she will put it into rhyme or prose written as if the client is the author.

Dianna has been studying and working in the holistic healing field since 1994. She offers Healing Touch and Reiki, both energy healing modalities; Foot Reflexology and Psych-K.  Psych-K allows clients to change their core beliefs so their lives can become more fulfilling.  She offers these alternative healing services, blended with native healing medicine, sound and crystal therapy, in her home town of Kelowna BC and abroad.

Dianna’s independent and creative nature organically flow into being a successful entrepreneur.  She and Sage Berrett are co-creating a dynamic network to connect women and draw forth their innate feminine qualities, with the global vision of raising human consciousness and re-establishing a new heart centred culture.  These offerings are for women of all ages to immerse themselves in the exploration of their inner wisdom, gifts and talents in facilitated intimate groups.  From this confident and self loving place, they can lead more enriched lives with purpose, joy and fulfillment.  Their families, communities and global networks will all benefit from the emerging strength of collaborative and complimentary blending of masculine and feminine energies.

As a speaker, Dianna has been a member of Toastmasters International for 8 years, and uses these skills while offering workshops and guided meditations.  Since May 2013 she has been co-facilitating group spiritual gatherings of up to 100 people, aligned with her Feminine Era vision complimenting the healed masculine energies dawning at this auspicious time.  Every moon cycle women and men come to learn how to embrace the many aspects of this New Feminine Era.

Dianna is a world traveler having visited approximately 60 countries and has authored many travel related publications.  This global travel experience has been the catalyst for her great appreciation and acceptance of our myriad human diversities as well as deep gratitude for all we are blessed with in our country of abundance and opportunity.

Dianna can often be found engaging in joyful activities such as dancing, communing with nature, playing percussion and singing in a local band and swimming with dolphins in the wild.


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