Dennise C. Neilson

Dennise C. NeilsonBorn in May of 1955. Dennise was adopted and raised in south western Alberta on a farm.

The farm consisted of grain cattle and sheep. There were always many exciting things to do to keep a young person busy and out of trouble. A few of Dennise’s passions were horses, shooting guns, fishing and learning all aspects of farming. Calving, lambing, shearing time, haying time. Life revolved around the seasons. Dennise at the aged of 15 had considered running away from home to get sexual reassignment surgery. That idea did not follow through as Dennise could not find a way to do that without creating harm to the parents that had raised her. Dennise married at the age of 18, still in her male role, raising 5 children.

Dennise now living a semi nomad life, doing Intuitive body work, playing the Native American flute, for crowds where ever she goes. Dennise’s children are all grown and on their own. She now has 12 Grandchildren.

Dennise never went on to have Sexual reassignment surgery, or went on hormones. She lives her two spirit life like her ancestors.