Bonita Lehmann

Bonita LehmannLike many mothers, Bonita Lehmann had a dream of a fun, carefree and happy childhood for her daughter, but one day that quickly became a nightmare. Bonita’s challenging journey began the day her first-born, Samantha, almost died before finally being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 18 months.  Life dramatically changed with daily finger pokes to test blood sugars and multiple insulin injections, Bonita quickly went into survival mode to deal with the strict routine and discipline. Now, an inspirational speaker and author of her memoir, she shares the skills learned over the many years of saving Samantha, then finally saving herself.  Bonita became an expert in coping strategies and shares years of wisdom, valuable insights, daily practical tips through her speaking and writing.

Over the years, Bonita was so busy saving her daughter that she forgot to save herself. That was, until one morning Bonita realized that she needed saving now, she was a priority.  With a daily commitment to her own health and fitness, Bonita did save herself.  Day by day, with true grit and determination, she become strong from the outside in through healthy eating and a commitment to physical fitness, she was now able to really make the best choices for both her and her family.

Through her speaking, Bonita has inspired, mentored, supported and given hope to many mothers and families that are dealing with Type 1 Diabetes or other chronic illnesses.  Over the years Bonita has learned many life lessons and created coping strategies all her own.  Bonita’s open and honest nature provides wisdom, valuable insights and practical tips from dealing with a chronic illness, health and fitness to just seeing something a new and different way.

Bonita Lehmann lives in Alberta, Canada with her two daughters and Odie, their wonderful mini schnauzer.  Bonita’s career has been varied, from a college instructor to an educator and trainer for a large dental manufacturing company.  She recently changed careers mid-life and is enjoying her new journey.  She loves inspiring others by speaking on stage and sharing her personal story. From healthy living and fitness to supporting families with Type 1 Diabetes children.  An avid volunteer in the community, supporting the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is near to her heart.

Bonita enjoys a high level of physical fitness by working out in the gym with kettlebells or lifting weights.  In the winter, she braves the weather by cross-country skiing and in the warmer months, she can be found in her hometown river valley trails searching for mud with her mountain bike.  She also loves the mountains and has been known to hike, mountain bike and kayak all in the same weekend!