Angel Tucker-Carr

Angel Tucker-CarrAngel is a Certified Personal Life Coach (with a Christian niche), author of multiple-published books, and a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker. Angel serves as the Director of the Public Speakers Association, Fort Worth Chapter. She is the owner of Salon Sweet and founder of Dare to Bare Your Beauty (an organization which teaches women and teens to embrace their beauty and strength to improve their personal and professional lives). She is the author of Little Betsy Mae, co-author of Multiple Streams of Inspiration Vol. II and co-author of Inch by Inch. Angel is an active member and workshop facilitator/presenter for the Victim Assistance team at a local college police department in Tarrant County. Angel has been a mentor for the Village Mentoring Program for Tarrant County College District, and a mentor for the Empowering Links in which the goals are to empower, strengthen, encourage and guide students through their college courses to their careers. Angel is a licensed Barber/Stylist, freelance make-up artist, self-esteem (healing the relationship with oneself first), and work-shop trainer. Angel has recently opened Dream In Style Event Hall and Specialty Shop where dreams are visualized and realized.

Angel lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her amazing husband of 24 years and has three beautiful children and two dogs. Angel credits her successes to her father and mother for their selfless parenting and her faith in God. Angel is the youngest of eight siblings.

Angel’s subtle wit and style keeps listeners engaged and wanting more. Her training, education and personal experiences help her to connect with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and genders. She creates and facilitates workshops for schools, churches and community.

Angel’s training with International Motivational Speaker and author, Les Brown has taught her the power of storytelling and she does that in the most vivid way, which leaves audiences in awe and ready to make a positive change in their lives.

Angel is a server at heart and gives back to the broken, impoverished, and to individuals in need–in numerous ways. Her giving heart and desire to see the best in everyone has awarded her multiple Community Service Awards.

Angel has assisted on panels and boards of non-profit organizations; and she has been interviewed on several radio stations.

Angel knows first-hand how the scars of life can damage an individual and crack the foundation necessary for living an empowered life – personally and professionally by robbing you of self-esteem, self-worth and true happiness. Angel coaches you on how to take responsibility for the past, without taking the blame. A low self-esteem affects relationships of all kinds, beginning with the most important relationship – the one with oneself! Angel has more than 18 years of teaching how to rebuild your “self” foundation and build confidence by taking back your power and standing on your story rather than in it.

Scars can be ugly, disfiguring and most of the time they end up in places that are hard to cover up. Not all scars come from external incidents but some come from internal trauma. The events that caused the scars are painful at the moment and oftentimes unpredictable. Depending on the incident, the pain can last a lot longer before the actual healing starts. During the healing process the scars itch, burn and are sometimes tender and painful to the touch – but it’s still healing. If not properly taken care of – infection can settle in. After twenty-seven staples, 75 percent abdominal replacement, massive scar tissue surrounding tiny nerve endings as a result of the removal of a life-threatening tumor – I have a story and the scar to prove healing does come. Violated multiple times early in life – left scars and a story. It’s okay to have scars because scars are just evidence that something happened – as in past tense. You are NOT your past!

People who benefit most:

• Stuck in your past of blame, shame and fear

• Desire to find peace and a strong sense of self

• You’re in need of a image/style make-over

• Women and teens who are struggling with low self-esteem, low self-worth and lack of self-love

• Those wanting to live an empowered life

• Lacking passion for life and intimacy

• Survivors of rape (even date rape), molestation and other life-altering events that modifies self-esteem and self-worth

•Those ready to live the life that they have been purposed to live and walk in their true gift
I am grateful for all that I have experienced throughout my life. Because of a painful past, personal lessons and adversities I am able to give others permission and the tools needed to be empowered! I love helping women get past their past and live life to its fullest.