Alara Payten

Guiding Women to Make Peace With Their Past so they can Love Their Live Now & Liberate Their Future

“If you want to free yourself from your limiting past, so you can live your life powerfully NOW & create the deeply fulfilling life you deserve, I may be a great fit for you.”

Alara Payten

Women who are sick and tired of being prisoners of their past enjoy the freedom and possibilities that working with Alara Payten offers them. With compassion, confidence and grace, Alara guides each woman on their individual inner journey to bring to completion past wounds and hurts.

Her clients feel safely held by the sacred container that Alara creates. This allows them to courageously explore what is holding them back from living the life they truly desire. Her heart-centered approach guides them on a treasure hunt where they collect the gifts of wisdom that help them live engaged, empowered lives.

Alara’s own personal journeys, through Post Partum Depression, grieving the deaths of her parents, and her recovery from childhood sexual trauma, have lead her from a life of debilitating anxiety, fear and depression to a life of possibility, meaning and joy.  Her introduction to energy work revolutionalized her own healing path and caused her to change the course of her life’s work.

A twenty-four year career as a Physical Therapist, under the name of Brenda Hope Gibbs, undergirds her work now as a Spiritual Intuitive Energy Alchemist, Soul Song Energy Blessing Transmitter and Community Mother Drum Portal Journey Guide who embraces the body, mind, heart, and spirit as integral parts of the healing process.

After choosing to end her 33-year marriage, Alara set out on an epic yearlong spiritual odyssey. With her belongings in storage, she spent seven of the next fifteen months exploring and transforming her inner and outer worlds through the spiritual teachings, initiations, challenges and adventures of Hawaii, Peru, and Australia.

She returned home with a 32 in / 80 cm Community Mother Drum to add to the wide variety of spiritual and energy-based practices that allow Alara to guide her clients to reclaim their personal power, their authentic voice and their rightful, empowered choice.

When not guiding her female clients to freedom, or facilitating Community Mother Drum Portal Journeys for men and women, Alara is creating meaningful memories with her daughter, son, family and friends and practicing living life out loud!

Alara is on a mission to raise the vibration of humanity, one sacred heart at a time. She knows that when people return to their Truth of Being, they join the   Great Awakening of our time, and the greatest opportunity in recorded history for a quantum leap for humanity!

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