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aimeAime Hutton knows that it takes team work to make the dream work.  A motto that she first heard at an eWomen Network Calgary, Alberta event.  However, Aime has always been one to work with others to make things happen.

For example, with this book Inch by Inch ~ Growing in Life, Aime knew that it was going to take more than just her alone to bring this book to life.  She also knew that one of the main themes of her life since birth was having others help her.  If it wasn’t for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa Canada, Aime would not be here today.  It took a team of doctors, nurses, and even a neonatologist to work around the clock to save her life.

When her parents heard the words “she’s not going to live” they were in shock and did not want to believe what they heard.  Aime’s Mum pleaded with the doctors to save her daughter.  With hope and a will, everyone around Aime, including Aime herself wanted this goal to be achieved.

Aime is a true survivor in every sense of the word; she keeps going no matter what her situation.  From being born prematurely, to overcoming severe bullying for 6 years and being diagnosed as a ‘slow learner’ with ‘grey’ areas of learning disabilities, Aime kept with it and never gave up.  From experiencing an emotional and controlling relationship and being stalked while living on campus at university in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Aime relied on her friends to help her get through those tough years.

When Aime was approached to be in “Success in (High) Heels” by Christine Marmoy, she was in shock.  With her businesses at that time of Awakening Goddess and Wonder Girls Camp, she had not seen financial success.  Yet what Christine Marmoy said was that she had overcome so much, that it was time to share what she knew about being different, and daring to step out of her box.  The same with being in “The Missing Piece ~ A Transformational Journey” with Kate Gardner as the compiler, Aime again stretched outside her box and shared her experience of dating violence with the world.

Aime truly wants you to get the most out of life.  Knowing that you can get there inch by inch, step by step.  This is just the beginning, the only way is up, and you’ll get there inch by inch.  Contact Aime Hutton today so you too can grow in your own life!

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